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Service Assurance for Today’s Business Models.

Cloud and SDN are creating the new “service economy”  but also threatening the viability of service assurance. With IT budgets under pressure, how can you assure service when infrastructures change minute by minute? Typical IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) require the impossible: maintaining rules, models and a complete CMDB – yet with all that work, these tools only tell you about problems after they happen.

Forget typical ITOA. You’ve found MOOG.

MOOG detects anomalies to reveal incidents as they unfold using adaptive event clustering algorithms (MOOflow). MOOG ranks “situations” to focus work effort on what’s important, reducing MTTR. MOOG enables knowledge capture through collaborative workflow  – and works effectively even when the CMDB is incomplete.

Listen to what others are saying about MOOG. See how MOOG changes the incident life cycleMOOG is the revolution. Contact us for details.